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Speakers at the housebuilding and management forum 2020

Recognising our Student Accommodation as Enablers for Well Being

Greg Powers, Head of Capital Projects & Planning, Trinity College, Dublin

Students in Higher Education Institutions often spend more time in the accommodation building spaces than in the academic spaces on campus and socialising combined. Coupled with that, Student Accommodation is intended to be their nest for the term and may for some be the first time away from their home. From surveys, the Student Accommodation experience is also most likely to be the most memorable of a Student’s life in a University.
As more understanding develops of the spectrum of mental health difficulties young people can face, sometimes with tragic consequences, HEI’s, Commissioners, Designers and Operators of Student Accommodation have an enormous responsibility to create inexpensive and welcoming wellness and healthy facilities, programmes of activities, positive and safe environments and pastoral care.
Greg will share some of the findings of specialist groups in Trinity College Dublin, charged with sourcing/building 2,000 new bed-spaces for the University, to the latest wellbeing standards and with new models to reduce capital, carbon and running costs.

What Do We Mean by ‘Design Quality’?

João Bravo da Costa, Project Architect, Collado Collins

The current planning environment is stirred by political turmoil, shortages of funding and resourcing, ongoing changes in regulations, and increasingly fractious dialogue. Against this background, the housing crisis is proving as intractable as it is urgent. Planning complexity, land scarcity, and fierce competition are heightening the commercial pressures. How to steer new development past these increasingly challenging hurdles to deliver new housing with the best possible quality? Through a discussion of our experience with recent projects, this presentation will make the case for a focus on objective design quality – how we can keep design and dialogue aimed at consensual goals while avoiding unsolvable arguments.

Placemaking and the Knowledge economy

Ben Bolgar MVO FRSA RIBA RIAS, Senior Director, Prince’s Foundation

Ben will briefly outline the thrust of the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission in promoting the creation of beautiful and diverse places rather than bland, monocultural housing estates. In this context Ben will then focus on the design and delivery of Swansea Bay campus to show how applying the principles of placemaking to a new science and innovation campus with 5,000 student units can enhance both the local environment and local economy.

Mike Webb, Managing Director, Seaton Beach Developments Ltd

Victoria Hills MRTPI, FICE

Stephen Edwards, Sustainability Manager, Catalyst Housing Ltd

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