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Speakers at the housebuilding and management forum 2019

Housing Delivery Fund

Peter Lowe, Relationship Director, Barclays

Helping to solve the housing crisis: The UK Government has a target to build 300,000 new homes a year. Barclays and Homes England are working together to provide £1bn of residential development debt funding to help build more homes, more quickly.

Institutional investment into student accommodation

Eleanor Jukes, Senior Strategist, Legal & General Investment Management

Capital allocation into student accommodation assets from institutional investors is increasing. This session will discuss the rationale, different execution strategies available to fund managers, market trends and perceived headwinds in the Higher Education assets.

Raising the roof for housing

Val Bagnall, Managing Director, Apex Airspace Development

Looking at the development of airspace/rooftop development in London and the UK. Apex Airspace have developed an innovative business model, which has offered the opportunity to unlock some £54bn of value from London’s airspace market whist opening up the opportunity to deliver some 180,000 new homes., both affordable and market sale. Their innovation has attracted support of some £20m from the government and the Greater London Council. The presentation will look at how this model can be rolled out nation wide, delivering 50% affordable housing.

Modular Goes Vertical

Michela Hancock, Senior Director – Development, Greystar Europe Holdings Ltd

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Greystar? Michela Hancock will be lifting the lid on their development plans, including why they favour modular construction for student accommodation and build to rent projects. She will also share the design standards of this global leader in rental housing.

Social Housing – Three Million Missing Homes

Victoria Galligan, Editor, Housing Association Magazine

Victoria will be speaking on social housing, discussing Housing Association magazine and the role it plays in the industry. She will also take a look at recent news reports regarding the need for more social housing, and the need for that housing to be high-quality, sustainable property which can provide healthy and happy homes for tenants.

Maximising long term returns from joint venture developments

Jack Burnham, Development Director, Thrive Homes Ltd

Housing need is more prevalent than ever, with more and more people being unable to afford to purchase their own homes. With more people renting than ever, how can housebuilders, developers and public sector bodies work collaboratively together to develop housebuilding models that share long term revenue returns in lieu of short- term capital receipts, whilst providing the population with homes that will help house those in housing need.

Planning – The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive, RTPI

A unique insight into the future of planning in England, considering best use of land, delivering the homes we need and joining the dots with infrastructure. Victoria will reflect on the opportunities offered by, and the challenges arising from, the National Planning Policy Framework. Identifying the components for delivery of success places, Victoria will set out her masterplan for #TotalPlanning.

Homes England’s Strategic Partnerships with Housing Associations

Stephanie Ainsworth, Head of Affordable Housing Deals, Homes England

Further funding was recently announced for new Strategic Partnerships between housing associations and Homes England to help achieve the Government’s target of building 300,000 homes each year. This is a new way of working which will enable housing associations to use funding flexibly and respond quickly to local housing demand.

Twenty three Strategic Partnerships have been announced to date with £1.74bn grant funding to enable more than 39,000 new affordable homes to be started before March 2022. Homes England will also work with partners to explore innovation and help deliver additional homes across all types of tenure

Neighbourhoods of the Future

Ian Spero, Founder and Director, Agile Ageing Alliance and Jonathan Parnes, Chief Executive, Regents Affordable.

Neighbourhoods of the Future: Better Homes for Older Adults: Improving Construction, Health, Care, Design, Technology & Finance.

The convergence of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), potentially game-changing assistive technologies and big data analytics constitutes a golden opportunity to rethink the outlook for ageing populations, especially in terms of housing.

AAA asked expert stakeholders what, in an ideal world, our homes and neighbourhoods could look like in 10 to 20 years, and what steps must be taken now to disrupt the status quo and make their vision a reality?

The findings were published in a white paper –commissioned by Tata Steel – launched at the House of Lords last month.

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